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Our Story

46 North, Our Story of making food products, From Prince Edward Island, Canada
 Our Story - Forty Six° North is a small culinary and design team hand-picking core ingredients in the Canadian Maritimes (and beyond) to complement and enhance the flavours we find ourselves hunting for in our own commercial kitchen. We choose quality ingredients that we blend, mix, preserve, infuse, cook and package by hand, from our location on Prince Edward Island. Once we are happy with a recipe or product that has been created and we have cooked, eaten and enjoyed the fruit of our labour - it's time for us to pass it from our hands to yours. We believe you deserve flavour, convenience, quality, and confidence when you use our products in your kitchen. Stay tuned as we continue on this culinary journey— looking for refreshing ways to create and package the flavours of the Canadian Maritimes. Flavour Your Day.


 Our Location - It was our remote location, Prince Edward Island - an island off the east coast of Canada in the Northumberland Strait – that forced us to think a little differently. PEI’s remoteness became a catalyst for creativity as we set out to fill the culinary spaces we saw were missing - also, to create employment, work on innovative food product development (using global inspiration) while sourcing as much local as possible. We are excited and focused to secure Forty Six° North’s culinary place by contributing to Prince Edward Island’s commitment within the Canadian food-scape and beyond.


 Our Products - We’ve set out to create a brand that has been curated because we love flavour, quality, experience, and a good challenge. This means that any edible and novelty product you buy from Forty Six° North will be of the best quality we can source, make, infuse, package and deliver and has met our thorough flavour/gusto criteria. Over a few years, we’ve created the current range of food products - Honeys | Jams | Chutneys | Spices - and are continuously searching for innovative ways to capture the flavours of the Canadian Maritimes.