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Our People


Our People - The two behind Forty Six° North  make for a  great culinary, design and production team - they have embraced the remoteness of Prince Edward Island and have found a purpose to thrive beyond their location. They are, Wade & Adrian: driven culinary creatives who have seized an opportunity to develop and grow a business on Prince Edward Island - with a vision for expansion.

We are dedicated to quality which allows us to consciously source ingredients from afar as well as close to home - looking for the best in class. Forty Six° North’s products are defined by flavours that are pronounced enough to carry purpose when you use them in your kitchen. Our style is to borrow inspiration from all corners of globe.

Our careful attention to curating quality products is building a growing customer base. What we offer from Forty Six° North is not defined by our remote location but by a bigger quest to take you on an experience defined by flavour and quality in the kitchen.

Wade Little, Forty Six° North, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Wade - The leader of Forty Six° North, has a history for filling the voids in markets. He challenges strongly established ideas through product, design and marketing.

Adrian Ballinger, 46 North, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Adrian - The backbone of Forty Six° North. He is a lover of the continuity that comes with production, and problem solving within that space.