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Our Quest


Quality - It's almost impossible to define quality but we all know it when we see, taste or experience it. Our aim at Forty Six° North is to keep it clean and simple so that quality and flavour shine through. We do this from our commercial kitchen on Prince Edward Island, Canada.


Experience - Forty Six° North is here to offer you culinary experiences that leave you feeling empowered in your kitchen. It starts with hand-picked ingredients, simple uses to get you started, and in-depth recipes to build your confidence. From beginning to finish, Forty Six° North’s shop is here to make flavour a staple in your kitchen.


Flavour - Flavour is paramount. Most of our time in the kitchen is spent talking, tasting, learning and enjoying the vast world of flavours. We can now add flavour to your kitchen, to encourage you to take the time to have your taste buds stop and search the layers of flavour and to add to the conversation around your table. We strive to make you think, engage and celebrate Forty Six° North’s collection of flavours.