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Forty Six ° North Products | A Hive of Flavour - 350g | Raw Blended and Infused Honeys | From Prince Edward Island, Canada
46 North, Mixed Gift Box - A Hive of Flavour, Honey From Prince Edward Island
A Hive of Flavour- 350g | Raw Blended and Infused Honeys | Shop Forty Six° North | From PEI, Canada
Forty Six North, Taste Honey From Prince Edward Island, Mixed Gift Box - A Hive Of Flavour
Forty Six North, Hive of Flavour, Infused and Blended Honeys, Price: $45.00, From Prince Edward Island
Forty Six° North twist top honey squeezer bottle
Real Raw Honey Crystalizes, Forty Six North, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Mixed Honey - A Hive of Flavour, 350g

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A Hive Full of Flavour- Indulge in flavour with our collection of infused and blended honeys! The mix includes a spicy chili infusion, a soothing lavender, a chocolatey cocoa blend, and a satisfying salted honey. Something for everyone!

How To Enjoy- These versatile honeys can be enjoyed in a number of ways! Visit individual product for suggestions on how to get started.


  • Raw Salted- 350g
  • Raw Chili- 350g
  • Lavender- 350g
  • Raw Cócó- 350g
Infused, blended and packaged by hand from our kitchen on Prince Edward Island, Canada.